Revolutionizing the presale experience to deliver maximum value to investors and developers

About Lightning

As the first multi-chain Incubator and Launchpad, we create a single, safe destination for both presale investors and prelaunch projects.

Investors benefit from exclusive access to safe, innovative projects and rewarding investments on every blockchain.

Developers benefit from our exclusive partnerships with leading blockchain companies, providing increased exposure, complimentary audits, better liquidity, and a dedicated community ready to back them.

Our Partners

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Lightning Incubator

Project Developers and teams who meet our strict acceptance criteria for the Lightning Incubator have the unique opportunity to leverage our hand-selected network of resources, including partnerships with many of the most respected companies in the industry via our Trust-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering. Investors benefit from our approach by having access to secure, trustworthy projects that are nurtured to succeed.

360° Support

All projects benefit from complete end-to-end assistance, from marketing to tokenomics, helping developers to focus on delivering the best possible project with as much or as little assistance as required.


By connecting you with exclusive partnerships and best-in-class services simply not available to most startups, we deliver “Trust-as-a-Service”, removing the biggest barrier to entry for most investors: fear.

All inclusive benefits

All Incubated projects receive a complete project audit by CertiK, our auditing partner, free of charge, amongst other inclusive benefits not available anywhere else.

Cross-chain support

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Lightning Launchpad

Lightning Launchpad is your portal to safer, innovative projects and rewarding investments on every blockchain. All projects that utilize our launchpad must audit their contracts at a minimum. Fully incubated projects are subjected to additional rigorous security measures before launching to maximize investor safety.

Safer Investing

All projects will be audited, KYC’d and have team tokens locked to give investors complete peace of mind.

Fairer Investing

Our fair two-round system reserves a percentage of each IDO for each tier, ensuring all holders large and small have access to high-quality investments.

Better Investing

We’re improving the launchpad experience by allowing holders in all tiers to invest worthwhile amounts into every IDO.

IDO Participation & Tier Structure

The Lightning Launchpad uses a two-round system for IDO participation. This approach initially reserves an allocation for every tier, allowing for fairer distributions and purchase sizes that are worthwhile.

Round 1

Reserved Allocation Round

Each tier gets a share of the total hard cap that they may purchase during the round. Users can purchase up to their tier-defined maximum allowed contribution size within that share until either the supply or time limit exhausts.

Round 2

FCFS Round

Following Round 1’s expiration, Round 2 immediately opens for all tiers simultaneously. All remaining tokens from Round 1 are available in one nonsegregated pool. Users may purchase up to their remaining maximum allowed contribution size.


Required LIGHT
5 000 - 10 000
Max. contribution
$ 250
Reserved pool weight


Required LIGHT
10 001 - 35 000
Max. contribution
$ 500
Reserved pool weight


Required LIGHT
35 001 - 100 000
Max. contribution
$ 1000
Reserved pool weight


Required LIGHT
100 001 +
Max. contribution
$ 2500
Reserved pool weight

Tier structures are subject to change based upon market volatility.

What others say about us

With the current growth of BSC projects, we currently lack incubators in the market that can really help connect them with services and provide strong advisory support, which is what I believe Lightning can bring to the market.
- Marco Calicchia, Director of Business Development @ CertiK

Lightning Protocol

LIGHT is the first deflationary supply elasticity protocol. This means that the supply shrinks through dynamic burns applied to each transaction, making each token increasingly scarce and valuable over time. Investors are rewarded for holding through automatic positive rebases issued directly to their wallets.